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Welcome to The Healthy Guerrilla. We are into good health, naturally!


We are rising up and taking our power back!


Throughout our own journeys, we have studied and researched ways to do things differently. The status quo does not serve our health. If you are looking for a new way to health, your search is over. Come on in…

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Blog Features

If you are looking for information, opinion or light entertainment, we love to get on our soapbox. Whether it’s on diets (how many calories?), or exercise (the benefits of running), or cleansing (who has parasites?), or supplementing (is it necessary?), there’s sure to be an article for everyone. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we are committed to planting enough seeds of knowledge to inspire you to think for yourself. Inspire on…

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Our Thoughts

Join us here for a look at some of the news on the latest fads and trends in healthy living. Over the years, we’ve learned to take ourselves not-too-seriously all the time. So while this section is meant to inform, we like to have some fun here as well.



Ah yes, food. To nourish and satisfy. But, especially, to enjoy. Here at THG we believe that diet is not a four-letter word, but rather a lifestyle. That said, it’s important to ensure that what we are eating not only feeds the body but also is sustainable. We know that varies by individual. So while we are not tied to any one specific eating style, most of our favourites are raw and that is where our focus will be. The recipes are all delicious, nutritious and easy to make. Win-win-win. Prep on…

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Book Reviews

Do you love to read self-help books? We’ve all got lots of shelf-help from past orders. What we’re talking about in this section are books that did not take up permanent residence on the shelf, but actually stimulated us enough to take time from our busy schedule to dive right in. Not only did we enjoy the read, but we learned from it as well (which essentially amounts to the enjoyment). Given that health has many contributing factors, the books that we review cover everything that feeds us – spiritually, emotionally and physically. Read on…


Good health is more than just good eating. Eat. Move. Laugh. Love. Meditate. There are so many facets to good healthy living and we aim to touch on them all over time.

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For The Love of Henry

For any pet lovers who have known the stress of dealing with rescue animals, Henry's story strikes a nerve. Read how using CBD oil daily has made a huge difference in this pittie's life. Read More
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That Little Voice

Are you listening to your own intuition, or are they determining what you are thinking?? 'They' being anyone who is not you and does not necessarily have your best interests at heart. 'They' are individual to each of us and can include friends, family, employers, media, - essentially any other voice in the world that you give credence to. And if you are listening to them and not yourself, why? Read More