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02, August, 2019

For The Love of Henry

For any pet lovers who have known the stress of dealing with rescue animals, Henry's story strikes a nerve. Read how using CBD oil daily has made a huge difference in this pittie's life.

Yasmin Hirji
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09, October, 2017

That Little Voice

Are you listening to your own intuition, or are they determining what you are thinking?? 'They' being anyone who is not you and does not necessarily have your best interests at heart. 'They' are individual to each of us and can include friends, family, employers, media, - essentially any other voice in the world that you give credence to. And if you are listening to them and not yourself, why?

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10, August, 2017

Lyme... WHAT?

I have been working to heal my body for over 25 years now. As I am approaching 60, I feel good. But I don't feel GREAT! And given my current lifestyle, I think I should feel GREAT! Hence my continual search for products, practitioners, protocols. My last visit to my natural health care practitioner left me reeling, however. The remnants of a long-ago lyme infection? Me? Is that why I haven't been able to make the leap from good to great? Well, she's got me on a 30-day I should know by then if I'm making progress.

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25, May, 2017

The Problem Of The Period

As women, we are blessed...or cursed... with monthly periods. Normally, this monthly cycle should not be much more than a minor inconvenience. But in talking to a number of friends and seeing the stories on social media, it appears that this normal cycle is not at all that normal anymore. As a result, many women are resorting to what I consider desperate measures - taking birth control pills in order to regulate hormones and 'normalize' their cycle. I certainly understand their desperation, given that and out-of-control cycle can have moderate to severe quality of life implications. Trust me, I've been there and I've done that. But there must be a better way...

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28, March, 2017

Daily Dose

A day without running is like a day without sunshine. Or something like that. I love my running, but it's especially sweet on a glorious spring morning in the sunshine. In my experience, people either love running or they hate it. I love it. The world always looks brighter in the springtime, after a long miserable winter. Or even after a short and easy winter. All I know is that the beautiful and uplifting feeling that I get from a springtime morning run lasts long into my day. How does it get any better than that?

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04, March, 2017

Instant On

We live in a world of instant gratification. You can get some instant results from pharmaceuticals, but they can come with long-term side effects which can eventually require more pharmaceuticals for those unintended consequences. Listen closely to the pharmaceutical ads and notice the potential side effects. And then ask yourself if any of those issues are things that you want to deal with in the future. As the Queen song goes - "I Want It All, And I Want It Now". Health, however, is an inside job and it's a long-term affair. And the choices are always yours to make.

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