If you are looking for information, opinion or light entertainment, we love to get on our soapbox. Whether it’s on diets (how many calories?), or exercise (the benefits of running), or cleansing (who has parasites?), or supplementing (is it necessary?), there’s sure to be an article for everyone. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we are committed to planting enough seeds of knowledge to inspire you to think for yourself.

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20, February, 2017

Enough Is Enough

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right? Or everything seems to go wrong? What is the lesson? Is there a lesson? How do I know?

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15, January, 2017

The Gaslighting of Chronic Lyme Patients Has to Stop - by Lori Dennis

Lori Dennis is a Psychotherapist, but more importantly, a mother with a son afflicted by chronic Lyme Disease. When I met Lori at a retreat a couple of months back, I had heard of Lyme Disease but I really had no clear idea of what a struggle it can be just to get a diagnosis, never mind treatment. As a mother and an advocate of natural health options, however, I can certainly relate to Lori's relentless quest for answers and her refusal to take 'no' for an answer. Lori's book, LYME MADNESS™ is available on

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09, January, 2017

Originals by Adam Grant

Are you starting your own business? And you're wondering if you're doing it 'right'? It's so easy in our world to get caught up in our groupthink world and make judgments of our progress and methods based on what we 'should' be doing. Relax - and spend some time reading Adam Grant's 'Originals' to give you a different perspective on why doing it your way may be the best way!

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31, December, 2016

Thank You....I Am Grateful!

What are you most grateful for? I love my daily gratitude practice because I believe that what the mind conceives, the body can achieve. And I love it because it just plain old makes me feel better. And I truly have so much in my life to be grateful about. Do you have a daily gratitude practice?

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22, December, 2016


What is your health worth to you? I often hear the same kinds of complaints from people. Organic is too expensive - I can't afford to feed my family that kind of food. I can't afford to buy supplements regularly - how long do I have to take them? I can buy cheaper at the big box store.

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18, December, 2016

The Dirtiest Word On This Site

The aim of The Healthy Guerrilla is to be a hub for people who want to take responsibility for their health, but who also want a one-stop shop of resources to help them make the most informed decisions. I’ve been getting some questions on how this site works and what to expect when you decide to purchase a product here, so I want to take the time to clarify EXACTLY how we operate.

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