First Raw Meal

October 07, 2016

Raw Food - Delicious and Satisfying

Snacks In My Back Pocket

I had my first raw meal a couple of years back. I attended an Avena conference and the evening meal was a raw one. I was expecting a dish of cut up vegetables and a salad and some fruit. That was the extent of my knowledge of raw meals. As I have come to find out, that is most people’s expectation of a raw meal. My other thought was, I have snacks back in my hotel room. I figured I would be hungry once the meal was done but I could fill that void later in the evening.


If I recall correctly, the first course was either some kind of raw soup and then a salad – yup, there it was – the salad that I was expecting. Both were very good, from what I recall. Next was the main course – Sage Lemon Cream Parsnip Pasta. Huh?? Pasta. It was parsnip pasta – meaning that it was spiralized parsnips. And it was tasty. Topped with a cashew cream sauce over a bed of arugula. And dessert was Vanilla Mini Cream Cake. Raw desserts are excellent because they satisfy your sweet tooth but they also have lots of nutritional value. I have since made this pasta and the cream cake several times. For my meat and potato crowd here at home. Yum – delicious. (The recipe for the Vanilla Mini Cream Cake can be found here.)

Satisfied, Not Stuffed

The best thing about eating raw is that it indeed does satisfy without leaving you feeling stuffed. It is a very different feeling from eating a big turkey dinner that leaves you wanting to lay on the couch and nap afterwards. So, needless to say, I did not have to run back to my room to fill up on whatever snacks I might have had. That experience left me with a whole new opinion about eating raw.

The biggest drawback to this style of eating is that it can be time-consuming to prepare – especially for those of us who may not be the most experienced kitchen warrior. And it can be quite expensive – especially if you like to buy organic food – which I do. Cashews and dates are not cheap – organic cashews and organic dates can be a big hit on the weekly grocery bill.


But how much is your health worth? Pay now or pay later – in the form of poor health – and then play catch-up to regain your health from poor eating choices over the years. I have that discussion often with people who struggle to see value in paying top dollar for good food. It’s all about choices – what we believe is good value for our dollar and how we choose to spend those dollars.

For myself, since I have started eating mostly organic, I couldn’t imagine returning to my old eating habits. I love the taste of organic foods and I love how good they make me feel. Yes, it’s expensive. But my health is worth it. Good, and good for you, like I always say.

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