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March 04, 2017

How do I get instant relief?

Don't Watch, Mom!

I was watching TV the other night and I saw a couple of commercials for pharmaceutical ads.  I laughed as I recounted how, in the past, my kids used to tell me not to watch whenever any of those ads came on - because they knew I would get wound up about it.  I was chatting with a nutritionist friend today about those same pharmaceutical ads and how people seem to be so easily swayed to ask for a drug despite the laundry list of side effects that could accompany its use.  And taking one drug inevitably starts you down a path of the next one to combat side effects of the first one, and so on.

How and when did we give away our power over our own health?  That's a complex question with an even more complex list of answers.  But I do know that we can take back our power if we choose.

I Want It Now!

I saw a post today on FaceBook that essentially went like this?

     I tried your product, it doesn't work for me.

"Hmm, yeah, I tried working out once.  No noticeable results.  Too much work for no results."

"I got a job once and I went to work.  I didn't make a million dollars, can you believe that?"

"I ate healthy once.  I lost no weight - at all."

"I went to college once.  No degree - they wanted me to keep coming for at least 4 years.  What a scam!"

This exchange shows us how impatient we have become with life.

In our defense, we have been conditioned over the years to believe that our expectations for instant gratification and relief are justified.  And I admit, my theme song?  "I Want It All, And I Want It Now!" by Queen.

But when it comes to health, patience is a must. And so is responsibility. 

How Long?

I get that question, a lot.  And to be honest, I've asked that question myself, a lot.  

How long before I feel better?

Well, that depends.  How motivated you are you?  How willing are you to invest time (and money) for a solution?  As I have often heard lately, you need to have some skin in the game.  And you need to be willing to work at it.  

Not Patience...Milk!

Back when my son was about 3, I was preparing lunch for him.  He asked me for some milk. (Forgive me, I didn't know better at that time.)  I was busy with a couple of tasks at the time, so he asked me yet again.  "Patience, Mike!" was my response.  "No, not patience, mom...milk!"  He replied.

Funny, but how often do we behave in that exact manner?  We make changes in our lives and we want to see the end result...NOW!

The Good News?

So what is the upside to taking responsibility for your own health and then being patient with the process?  Well, in my case, it's improved health. And a sense of satisfaction in knowing that whatever challenges I might face, I always have options.  I am connected to an unlimited source of information, including an army of natural health coaches who, like me, are passionate about helping people.

And further to that, I have enough personal experiences and testimonials to know that improvement is not only possible, it's inevitable if you feed the body what it needs.

Start with whole foods.  Supplement as required.  Move your body.  Laugh and love.  Accept what is. Life is meant to be lived and loved. 


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