Lyme... WHAT?

August 10, 2017

Lyme is the why?

The Quest

I've been working to improve my health for a long time now.  Since I quit smoking.  Since I started running.  Since I had my thyroid removed.  Since I gave up drinking as a full-time weekend hobby.  Since I cleaned up my diet.  Since I started supplementing - and in this area, I've spent buckets of money and loads of time and energy trying to find what my body needs to heal.

And, as a result, I feel good for my age.  Good, but only good.  For all of my healthy eating and exercising and meditating and supplementing, I should feel out-of-this-world fantastic.  But I don't.  Not yet anyway.

Energetic Help

I was at a health meeting about six months ago where I happened to sit next to a bio-energy practitioner.  As she explained what she did I became intrigued by the practice and the science behind it.  After all, everything is energy.

I have been seeing her now for over 3 months and have had several scans in that time.  During the initial scan, she did tell me that Lyme showed up as a potential issue but it wasn't something that my body was currently fighting or even ready to deal with at the time. Two scans later, and there it was - plain as day.  If I understand the process correctly, what the scan is saying is that I was once infected with Lyme and I did manage to deal with it.  Mostly.  But apparently I have remnants of that infection still hanging around.   

Worse First, Then Better

So I'm now on a 30-day protocol to see if I can rid myself of these pesky leftovers. And, of course, with potential healing also comes a potential healing crisis.  I'm into day four of the protocol and I do feel tired and achy, plus I have an almost sort of headache.  And I never get headaches - so I'm attributing all of that to my body working hard to expel the nasty varmints in an effort to heal my body.


There has been so much press on Lyme lately, and I certainly understand why.  I know how frustrating it can be to visit doctors only to be told there is nothing wrong - it's all in your head.  And Lyme can present itself in a myriad of symptoms, making it that much tougher to get a solid diagnosis.  I do feel very fortunate to be mostly healed from the initial infection as I know how many people are suffering a lot with Lyme.  

Having said that, I am determined to get rid of whatever infection I am still dealing with.  And I am optimistic that this will finally push me over the edge - from feeling good to feeling great.  Because isn't that what we all want - to feel GREAT?

Stay tuned for more updates on my Lyme protocol, as well as more information on the disease itself...

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