Originals by Adam Grant

January 09, 2017

"Being original doesn't require being first - it means being different and better."

This is only one of the novel ideas that the author explains in this excellent read.  I found myself nodding and excitedly agreeing throughout the book - I even took notes as I was reading.  I cannot remember a time when I actually took notes voluntarily as I was reading a book.  There are just so many concepts that he puts forth that help to reassure me and my current path.

Are You Afraid?

"Advocating for new systems often requires demolishing the old way of doing things, and we hold back for fear of rocking the boat".  How many people can relate to this type of fear?  The better question is likely, how many times in our lives do we hold back for fear of rocking the boat?  After reading this book, I'm much more inclined to continue rocking the boat, thank you!

Can You Relate?

"Failing yields less regrets than failing to try".  

"Progress involves risk.  You can't steal second and keep one foot on first."

I love ideas like these - and there's no shortage of these kinds of gems throughout the book.

What's Holding You Back?

Bottom line, the world needs more originals.  Pick up the book, and enjoy!  And let's get out there and move the world forward!!

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