The Problem Of The Period

May 25, 2017

How Do I Get My Life Back?

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

Once upon a time I went to the doc and complained about how my period was interfering with my quality of life.  Not interfering in that mild, nuisance kind of way that a period normally does, but interfering in such a way that I often had to change my plans because of it. Or call in sick to work because the cramps were so bad.  Now, at the time, I had a fairly progressive doctor and he was eager to prescribe BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) for my troubles.  And that BHRT worked for all the years that I was using it - but I am now working to detox my body from those very hormones that were once so very helpful.  It has been a long road back for me and not something that I would wish on anyone.   My local homeopathic doctor tells me that he has seen all kinds of issues that he believes are related to women using BHRT.  As so often happens, the solution can become the problem. 


And For The Young Ladies

On social media today I saw yet another story of a young lady who was on birth control to help regulate her periods.  She was now having severe health issues that they believe are related to her using that 'remedy'.   And I have been asked recently by a number of women if I would recommend putting young girls (13-16 year-olds) on the pill as a fix for their month troubles.  Ummm, NO!  Trust me on this.  What you put in and on your body over the years is cumulative.  So while you may not see immediate issues with some of these solutions, over time the abuse can add up.  Do we even know what the effects are on the body from using those hormones for 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years?  So I would think that starting a young teenager on birth control is a very high-risk option.


Natural Options

Doing a quick internet search yields a number of promising more natural options.  Yoga - always good for the body.  Deal with your stress - this is good advice for every part of your life.  Acupuncture proves helpful for some people.  Aromatherapy and essential oils may also offer some relief.  There are a number of natural products recommended that I did try although my results were not spectacular with them - black cohosh, wild yam, and soy.  I would recommend these products only under the supervision of your natural health practitioner.


The Little Yellow Pill

Oh how I wish I had the little yellow pill when my period was running/ruining a week of my month, every month.  Given that it is a supplement, we cannot claim to treat or cure anything, but we have numerous testimonials from women on our FB page who believe that this little yellow pill has given them a new lease on life.  A synergistic blend of 5 herbs - milk thistle, bacopa, ashwaganda, green tea, and turmeric.  Check out the testimonial on my site from one woman who started on the LYP for that very reason.  


Check It Out

There are always options, and you never have to settle for less than feeling good.  If you have questions, just ask!


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