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30, October, 2016

Applesauce Pie

If you love apples and you love pie, this is the recipe for you!! I took a few liberties with the recipe (I always do) and I still managed to create a tasty and healthy dessert. I didn't have any psyllium so I skipped that ingredient entirely. I also didn't put my apples through the juicer - I just made my applesauce right in the blender. I don't yet own a dehydrator, so I made do with my oven. But that crust beat any pie crust I have ever made. And it kept in the refrigerator for a whole week. Good, and good for you!

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07, October, 2016

First Raw Meal

I had my first raw meal a couple of years back. I attended an Avena conference and the evening meal was a raw one. I was expecting a dish of cut up vegetables and a salad and some fruit. That was the extent of my knowledge of raw meals. As I have come to find out, that is most people’s expectation of a raw meal.

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