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02, August, 2019

For The Love of Henry

For any pet lovers who have known the stress of dealing with rescue animals, Henry's story strikes a nerve. Read how using CBD oil daily has made a huge difference in this pittie's life.

Yasmin Hirji
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18, December, 2016

The Dirtiest Word On This Site

The aim of The Healthy Guerrilla is to be a hub for people who want to take responsibility for their health, but who also want a one-stop shop of resources to help them make the most informed decisions. I’ve been getting some questions on how this site works and what to expect when you decide to purchase a product here, so I want to take the time to clarify EXACTLY how we operate.

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03, November, 2016

To MLM Or Not To MLM

No, network marketing is not a pyramid scheme. The reality is, most conventional organizations are actually designed in the shape of a pyramid. And often the people who benefit the most from these conventional organizations are upper management and the shareholders. Your local MLM marketer, on the other hand, is likely a solopreneur looking to make a difference in people's lives while making a decent living.

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