True Science Skin Care

Help protect your skin and improve and maintain your youthful appearance with LifeVantage TrueScience™ Skin Care Regimen.  Give your skin the love it deserves.  You - and others - will notice the difference!


Introducing True Science Skin Care

Introducing TrueScience™ with enhanced Nrf2 technologies, a revolutionary beauty system proven in a cosmetic study to visibly address the signs of aging.  This regimen offers instant and cumulative benefits.


How can Nrf2 benefit you?

  • Minimizes inflammation, irritation and redness
  • Reduces wrinkles and improves skin tone
  • Safeguards against free radical/oxidative stress
  • Protects against UV radiation exposure
  • Maintains integrity of key skin structural components
  • Minimizes risk of skin cancers and other skin-related conditions


Nrf2 Offers Multi-Faceted Skin Solution

What we perceive as “aging” is actually a complicated and multifaceted phenomenon related to skin breakdown and repair—a cyclical process that we scientists refer to as “tissue turnover.” In the case of skin, we call it “collagen turnover.” The most effective solution to a multifaceted problem is a multifaceted solution, and that’s exactly what topical Nrf2 activation is all about. 

Today, the scientific community accepts the fact that chronic cellular stress leads to a rapid breakdown in a variety of tissues, including skin. Cellular stress in skin cells inevitably leads to skin problems, such as wrinkles, acne, and uneven skin tone. Nrf2 regulates our body’s response to cellular stress and numerous studies have shown that both topical and internal/systemic activation of the Nrf2 pathway can have a wide range of beneficial effects on skin, including reduced rates of skin cancers, protection from ultraviolet radiation, reduced inflammation, enhanced barrier function, and improved wound healing.


In just 4 weeks, skin appears renewed and visibly younger looking.


95% More moisturized and hydrated skin*

94% Smoother skin*

88% Brighter and more luminous skin*

87% Younger looking skin*


*As part of an 8 week cosmetic study.  Individual results may vary.


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