When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” Maya Angelou

This site was built to help you – to inspire you to never settle – to assist you in improving your health, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. So it warms my heart to receive feedback from people like you who have benefitted from our relationship. Seeing you making choices, taking inspired action is a reward in and of itself. And I am so very grateful for the kind words of thanks.


As a mom, I am very conscientious about what my family eats. The freshness and taste of these hemp hearts is amazing, like nothing you would find in the big box stores. They were so good! I can eat them by the spoonful, but the ones from the big box store actually made me gag.

Jennifer O.
Administrative Assistant

I approached Bonita, my mother-in-law, for a recommendation for children's vitamins for my 2.5 year old twin girls. Bonita is always looking for ways to help others with their health and wellness, so I knew asking her for help was my best choice. She found the Juice Plus products and they have been a major hit in our home. We (the girls, my husband and I) all love them but, most importantly, the girls! They ask every morning for their 'gummies' and it is now part of our morning routine. I know these fruits and veggies are something that will be sticking around in our home for a very long time, if not forever! So thank you, Bonita, for the great recommendation!

Jenn A.
Full-time (and then some) mother of twins

I haven’t had the chance to thank you for the [product sample]. I have passed on samples to people like you did for me and they are sold also. I even bought some for my niece’s shower gift. I thank you so much for being so generous as to allow me the opportunity to sample the product….SOLD

Gloria H.
Development Clerk

Bonita is a fantastic lady. Throughout the course of 3 years I have worked with her to find the products I need (probiotics, digestive enzymes, e-fusion, Nufinna, and Mikla to list my products from Bonita that I use everyday). She is a wealth of information, always willing to lean, and also willing to hear people and their opinions. Bonita is always working to find new things that make her feel good, so that she may help others feel good as well.

Nadia B.
Hairstylist/Makeup Artist

For me, I use Nufinna simply for maintenance. I lead a sedentary lifestyle, but do lots of labour on the side, and Nufinna works amazing at keeping the aches and pains away. I used to be plagued by chronic knee pain, which is now gone!

Jeff D., CA
Financing, Planning, and Treasury Management

I'm a mother of 2 school-aged children and I have a degenerative disk disease and a bulged disk. Probita, combined with my exercises, has allowed me to get my life back and keep up with my kids!

Laura D.
Full Time Homemaker

I have been working for over 40 years, on my feet, all day long, on concrete floors. The expensive, custom-made boots and regular chiropractic and massage care have helped to minimize my back and joint issues but have done nothing to ease the constant foot pain that has plagued me for the past year. Foot pain that makes it excruciating to go up and down the 28 stairs from the warehouse floor to my office; foot pain that has required me to sit at the kitchen table for an hour plus every evening after work, waiting for the throbbing to cease before I move again; foot pain that has cause my toes to curl inward in an effort to protect the most sensitive parts of my feet. So when my friend sent me a pair of socks to help I was willing, but skeptical. The socks were nice-looking socks, but I had little hope that they would actually help. And I have tried numerous socks and insoles, to no avail. So imagine my surprise and excitement to find that after wearing these socks for one day - ONE DAY - i experienced no foot pain. I did not cringe walking up and down those stairs at work. No time at the kitchen table waiting for the pain to stop before I moved. No toes curled under - just regular toes bending and straightening. A whole year of misery - and I now have something as simple as a pair of socks to alleviate that misery. So now I do my 'socklements' - daily!

Jim T.
Shop Manager


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Good health is priceless. The products and solutions found on this site are not bargains or even quick fixes, but they are incredibly valuable. They are tools to complement a healthy lifestyle, not replace it. All of this stuff is not only good, but good for you. If any of these solutions resonate with you, trust your gut and go for it!

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